Thursday, December 6, 2012

Peace Declared

When Satan exalted himself above God (Is 14:14) and trafficked in evil to gain allies (Eze 28:16) it initiated war with God. When man chose to oppose God in the garden there was a separation from God and a war began inside each man. Everything under the authority of something in conflict will suffer the consequences of that conflict. It could be a whole planet, the suffering multitudes of a country at war or the wife and children of an alcoholic.

When Jesus cried "It is Finished" in John 19:30 as the representative of mankind He ended a war that had been raging for most of our history and He dealt a death blow to a fallen angelic kingdom that has been hiding out under the cover of a world put in under man's authority. Due to the fall man abdicated his authority. The internal conflict was too much. Mankind was like business man who lost his wife and end's up sleeping on a grate in front of the building he helped build with a bottle in his hand.

"It is Finished" ends our internal conflict. That statement has been in God's plan since before the foundation of this world. The Devil wants to muddy the water and dilute that statement every man has a soul that cleaves to the dust and gravitates back to the muck it has always known. Conflict can be comfortable because it is a distraction from looking at ourselves too closely.

When "It is Finished" ends our internal conflict and our soul is at rest our will can enter into liberty. Liberty is having the power, clarity and resources to make choices with God. Internal conflicts will continue to rise up but the banner over us is love and the cross will always be the place we die, bury the old and come alive again in the new.

All Hell can break loose on the outside, and it will, until the present owner of this world returns again to possess it more fully. The soul sealed with the Spirit of Grace and living in the finished work can be an oasis of peace in a place of war.

I want to continue to learn to live in the liberty I have been given no matter what happens to me or around me.

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