Sunday, December 23, 2012

Like a Child

The world at large tries to use illusions to maintain the innocence and magic of childhood because it eludes them how reality can support a state of innocence.

Christ was the only one qualified to become a child to then grow up as a man. He lost not one speck of His purity in the process of growth and coping with the world. Even in the face of tragedy and betrayal Christ was like a child when it came to evil. He was and Is the ever undefiled one.

We live in a state of innocence when we live in the new nature given to us. It is an innocence placed on our account by believing and receiving Christ's sacrificial anointment and it is a state we can live in while in fellowship with God.

Christmas belongs to adults as well as children. To a believer children remind us what we have not what we have lost.

Let the illusions flee away in the light of true hope and peace this Christmas.

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