Friday, November 16, 2018

Properties Of Light

I'm beginning to see light in a different way.

There is math out there that describes light as being three dimensional instead of flat. It has tornado like properties. When God said, 'Let there be Light.' we may picture a burst of color appearing in darkness but I'm thinking now that it was more like God was adding a third dimension to our universe. A square becomes a cube. A blueprint becomes a three dimensional object with depth that can be seen. Then God added more complexity to that new medium.

The pillar of cloud by day and fire by night comes to mind. The three dimensional water spout that mingles the water from Earth and sky because high pressure meets low pressure and a spiral is formed.

Jesus says He Is the, 'Light of the world.' and that understanding parallels the idea that He is the 'finger of God' spoken of in the Hebrew scriptures. He is the highest person who reached the lowest place a person can go and returned to tell the tale.

He bring illumination into darkness. He Is the only way that void can be bridged. Eyes need light or they don't 'see'. Souls need Jesus or they remain dead two dimensional blueprints that never made it into spiritual production.

In this model light does not 'travel'. It is more like a crack that forms in the ice. Pressure is exerted because of forces at play and color is the result. God is everywhere present all the time. Jesus illuminates a depth that was unseen. To say, 'You must know Him' is very much like saying, 'Open your eyes' or 'Awake thou that sleepeth'. He is life out of death.

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