Saturday, November 3, 2018

Kenosis And Evangelism

Kenosis is self-emptying. It was part of the strategy used by the Trinity to redeem man. Jesus emptied Himself of power, wealth and privileges to fully identify with us.

That is like being let down on a rope into the deepest mineshaft imaginable to perform a rescue. You are only getting out again if the person at the top is trustworthy.

I associate evangelism with Kenosis. Some try to dazzle people and win them with a better argument. They use the promise of wealth, power and privilege to win a person but identification is the method the Trinity employs. Jesus said, 'The son of man has come...' and it was a bridge from the divine to the person who was lowest and highest in societies view.

I feel like a farmer talking to people. I am not powerful, influential or privileged. I am a person just like them but I have good seed to sow. It is seed that can spring up, 'to eternal life' if it finds good soil and takes root.


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