Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holy Ground

Holy ground is not like other places. Bushes burn and are not consumed. Darkness, thunder and lightning are there. One man glows with glory and Patriarchs speak. It is a place where a shoe must be removed so that skin touches the Earth. Minds change and are elevated because Heaven is overlapping with Earth in an unexplainable way.

If Jesus is just a regular man the mental ground you are standing on is common but if you have eyes to see He Is the Alpha and Omega that same ground is transformed. God is sending people from holy ground. He speaks on holy ground. The smoke of His glory fills that place. Love has terrible power. Judgements that cleanse are proclaimed. On holy ground God is immensely large and we are grateful witnesses to eternal history unfolding.

Golgotha was a bad place. It was a haunted killing ground but Jesus transformed it because of what He gave us. People have defiled minds and we all have places in our soul that are fallow. No plow has ever turned the soil but if Jesus visits that place it will be made holy. If He speaks life there it is a declaration that echoes into forever.

The Gospel has power. Revealing Jesus turns the common places into one where the shoe must come off. Mercy takes red guilt and replaces it with whiteness.


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