Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saints And Siblings - Colossians - Part 1

'Saints and faithful brothers in Christ...'

Paul greets the Colossians this way. The Greek word translated brothers is adelphoi and it could be translated siblings because it encompasses both genders.

The siblings are the saints. This isn't two categories of people. Paul, the person who wrote the letter, doesn't know all these people.

I was just sitting here reading this book and thinking about writing letters and notes to people. I pray that God would help me to do it more because it is a beautiful thing to do.

Who knows what these folks thought of Paul. They could have idolized him. He was the great Apostle after all. Actually he was their sibling. A sibling who had wrote letters... He didn't just write to individuals. He was moved by the Spirit to write to the whole assembly.

How did that start? I don't know but perhaps in writing his individual correspondence someone suggested it, 'Paul, Your letters mean so much to me. Could you write one to our whole Church?' Im not saying it went that way. One day we will know for sure.

Not all of us are letter writers. Some use the phone or text or visit... connection... we are siblings and Saints... Let's love one another.


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