Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Living Uncertain Of Displeasure

'Maybe they are mad at me?'

It is a phrase some people repeat again and again in their minds. How many of us have lived under passive aggressive displeasure? Never knowing when accusations that have been buried will bubble up and conflict will erupt.

I see condemnation as a demonic blanket attack that covers whole systems of natural thinking.

We can rest assured that God the Father is not angry at anyone covered by the blood of Jesus. There is no boomerang in the air waiting to strike. No accusation will ever come from Him. He is angry at wickedness and the wicked system of evil but He isn't angry at those who are hidden in Jesus.

Maybe those people are mad at you and that is why they are acting the way they are. Maybe it has nothing to do with you at all. Maybe they are angry at themselves... either way... Jesus is an oasis of peace and acceptance. He is our strong tower and we run to hide ourselves in Him when others see only our faults or imagined motives.

Perhaps someone needs to hear this. I need to hear it again and again. There is liberty in Christ. Our past is past. Our present can have communion in acceptance. Our future has blessings planned out ahead of time by One who never blames us and only wants to love us.

Thank you God... really we worship You... Your gentleness makes us great... Your mercy endures forever... Your goodness provides leadership so that we can have a change of mind... Thank You God.


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