Thursday, July 16, 2015

Walking On Water

Two more things came from my meditation on the Matthew 14 account of Jesus walking on the water.

Peter knew Jesus was inclusive. He included them all the time. He never cooked anything without giving them recipe. Jesus was (and Is) the personification of grace and truth. He didn't hold things back if they could be given. Peter knew that and that became the test. Is this a ghost or is it Jesus?
I think we ask similar questions. Is this God in this situation? If it is God then we know we will be included. If He Is walking on water and bids us to come then we will be able to do it. We can go by faith in crazy situations because God Is there. We can step out of the boat.

Also, Once Jesus was in the boat with them the storm stopped immediately. That is amazing. There are many things we could say about that but I was thinking about our own apprehension to enter into things. Even if we sink after stepping out. There is a moment when we did walk with God an were held up by His power.

Peter must have never been the same after that. The disciples that were witnesses must have been changed in degrees also. When Jesus came into the boat it became His boat and fear vanished just like the storm.


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