Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Helpless Thief

All day long I have been thinking about the two thieves crucified next to Christ.

One thief on the cross next to Jesus started out a mocker just like the other one. He did not do anything. He was powerless.

Somehow He saw the royalty of Christ. A man with arms bound and struggling for breath just wanted to be remembered by someone divine. He believed and God put righteousness on this helpless man's account.

After he believed he was just as powerless. He asked to be remembered but God was now going to take this man somewhere. He was going with God.

Amazing. He just believed. We just believe also. We believe and ask and God does more than we ask for.

I wonder about the sign in different languages that said 'THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS' (see Matthew 27:37) nailed above Jesus' head and what role if any it had in this man's conversion.

Not many would have been close enough to read it. Was it a personal witness to this thief? I know the religious people were angry about it but surely if the thieves could read they saw it also.


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