Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Wings of Grace

I'm moving slow this morning but that's alright. I have read my booklet pages about five times and I couldn't tell you what it said if you asked. Today like everyday I need to know grace. I cling to it. I cherish it. I won't condemn myself nor will I quit. I have great grace. God will never condemn me. He can't. He won't. I'm slow but I'm taken care of so I think of others.

< Listened to 'He Giveth More Grace' on the GaitherVEVO channel on YouTube and prayed for a number of people as their faces flashed by in my minds eye. A handful of them are deeply on my heart >

Sick people need more grace... tired people... grieving people... Oh, Yes they do... the grieving person is not themselves yet... time passes and they think that they are but it comes in waves because it is below the surface... they need grace... they need a Heavenly hope and to live in their Heavenly identity... God will dry the tears someday... He will dry them forever.

God wants us just as we are. God accepts us right now just as we are. Jesus is enough. Jesus was, Is and forever will be the only requirement attached to our lives.

Pregnant people need more grace... older people do and younger people do also... healthy people do but they just may not know it... working people do... my friends need it so do my family members... they need God's grace to be real... they need His touch... they need His love... my neighbors do... my co-workers do... the newly married people do... the older couples who know each other all to well do... young people do... they need it so much... the world is a crazy faster place now... they need grace to run and not be weary and to walk and not faint... they are young but they need wings... their strength is not enough... grace must carry them to where they must go... our brave, beautiful, talented children need grace... do they know it?... they need more grace... they need to learn to give themselves grace and more grace.

Jacob is limping after meeting God but he is mindful of the sheep now. He needs grace and knows it. I curse my limping flesh sometimes. I'm slow and it's painful but would I even be looking around at others if I didn't have it? I don't know. I doubt it. God loves a selfish rascal wearing the 'hairy arms of Esau' when He loves me. He Is blind to my old nature and feels His Son when He reaches out to touch me. He gives more grace. I put my arms out and He lays His hand on my head and blesses me.

< Stopped to listen to 'The Glorious Impossible' >

Jesus is the glorious impossible One. Grace is our glorious impossible provision. It ignores all that is covered under the blood and dares us to look up at the One sitting on the right hand of the throne.

We don't need to change ourselves. We don't need to strive. We are wise to just enter into worship. To hold out our arms that are covered because we have put on Jesus Christ and let God bless us. What we need is more grace and it is right there. Like an ocean it is right here.

A little time. A little rehearsing of truth. A little worship and newness flows in. Strength comes when it comes. We can move in a minute or two. We need to sit before we can go anywhere. In our weakness we have wings.


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