Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Light Turns To Warmth

I got stranded the other day at the shuttle stop that takes me to work. Other people were waiting in cars but I knew that the first shuttle was going to be very full because of the delay so I waited at the stop to be first in line. It was just me and a mailbox covered in ice. I watched the ice melt and had a good time with God.

It was morning time and the mailbox was a dark blue so the sun began to heat the mailbox up. First there were little drips. Then water began to form under the ice and drip faster drawing air into the vacuum forming beautiful patterns. The water and air had a kind of dance. The mailbox was curved like a upside down 'U' so as more water formed under the ice it pulled the air down the sides but the air fought to rise again to the top of the arch. Then when the ice started to melt faster the air was gone and it was only water under the ice pouring in little streams down the sides finding the lowest path like water is prone to do. Soon big chunks started to fall off.

My shuttle came before the ice was completely gone but it made me think...

'I wonder what a man's soul looks like as it is thawing out?'

I remember what it was like when I got saved. The world started dripping off of me. Little by little I didn't do what I did before. God's warm light was getting to me and warming me under my thick atmospheric coating. When big chucks fell off of me is was messy and it affected those around me.

A man I dearly love called the Church 'An incubator of Love.' What a great thought that is. It is place to thaw out. It is a place where life can thrive and grow in safety and under the right conditions.

"I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit." - Mark 1:8 ESV

Those who are baptized with the Holy Spirit are stained the color that absorbs God's light. Light turns to warmth.

When all the ice melts off that mailbox it will just be a mailbox. When we are warmed with God's light we grow. When we are washed by God's word the grime of other things is taken away. What is left when the ice is gone is us. Us as we are. Us as God has made us to be. Ripened by sunlight.

It may be cold outside. Heck, It might be cold inside. The welcome we get in some rooms is far from warm but we can bask in God's love and have warmth. We can go to God's hot box of love and grow some leaves and branches.

Warm fruit trees are bound to produce fruit when it is the right season.


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