Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winning the Wild Ones

Horses are beautiful animals... powerful, intelligent and elegant creatures. Men have an interesting love hate relationship with these animals... because they are useful men have used them... because they are beautiful men have owned them... because man is fallen he has done these things in an often abusive way.

Many men have 'tamed' horses using violence and overwhelming the will. Other gifted men and women use their knowledge of the animal to win them... not by force but through patient knowledge and mastery.

A wounded person can find healing when they witness, or participate in, the rehabilitation of a horse. The horse's breakthroughs become their breakthroughs. Somehow when the wounded or wild horse's resistance yields to the loving understanding influence of the human trainer the wounded person who is watching can have a cathartic healing experience also.

The will of a person, while more complex, is not unlike the will of this grand animal.

Man surrendered his mastery of nature in the fall. Much is missing and broken in the world because of that. People often use violence to try and get back what they have lost. I think that witnessing the reconciliation of the horse to a person models hope to a person and shows them what is possible. Something lost is won back in front of their eyes.

Grace is God's elegant skillful method of restoring right relationships. It is what sustains a loving relationship and what makes it possible. It does not force submission it wins the wild will and creates union. It creates a way for the wounded soul who is on the run to join his creator again and be touched and directed by Him.

Look around. There are many wild wounded ones in the world. They run and run and run with no rest for their souls. Perhaps that was us before we met the master. God by His skill and love waited for us while working on us. He used circumstances. He used people.

God use us today. Let us be your hands and feet to give grace to the wild ones. Give us gentle, firm and patient words.

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