Monday, July 8, 2013

Be Ye Followers of Me

"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ." - 1 Corinthians 11:1 KJV

Would I have followed The Apostle Paul? That has been my question this morning. It made me take a little time to pour over the books he wrote to see what he taught again. Instead of looking at it as doctrine alone... I am looked at these books as what a man was teaching. Paul knew grace. He understood so much. He valued people greatly. He loved. He had boldness. He was a hard worker... making tents to pay his way.

He also made mistakes. He was so bold that is must have seemed dangerous to his team. He loved his fellow Isrealites so much that he would have gone to Hell for them. People thought his study had driven him mad.

He wasn't Jesus. Jesus lost no one. None of his disciples died while He was walking on the Earth. How much more dangerous to follow some one like Paul who relied so heavily on grace and mercy.

How can we follow anyone who isn't Jesus? Good question.

Who will lead us into personal victories? Who will take new territory? Who can provide a covering? The world needs men who lead and men who follow.

In part it must have been what Paul believed and who he was that made anyone want to follow Him. But, It was also where he was going and His connection to Christ.

This is a polarizing concept. I know it is. Many consider the risk too high to ever attach themselves to any man saved by grace. Some people who have been burned in relationships feel that way about marriage. Never again... until they meet the right one.

A nice church can be a nice place to hide... or perhaps a solitary life of faith is also. But, If you are connected to a man of God you will take the land. There will be victories and the dirty stalls that come with them on the outside and there will be conversions in the hidden territories of the soul also.

Time is too precious to hide out. I want all that God has to offer.

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