Monday, April 22, 2013

Lost in the Potato Chip Aisle

Up early reading the book of Titus again and again and thinking about manhood and our calling.

Paul opens the book talking about Christ and history from a redemptive perspective. He then talks about his relationship with Titus... who Titus is... then in verse five he says, 'this is why I left you in Crete.'

What is God's plan? Who am I? How do I relate to the people around me? Lastly, Why am I here right now? These are questions we all need answers tor or else we will drift. It is possible that I can go to the store because I need butter for a recipe and come back with a lot of different things but forget the butter.

The recipe of the Church is to put what remains in order and appoint elders in every city... edification, missions and Church planting. That is why we are here and not in Heaven already.

Reading the Bible helps me not get lost in the potato chip aisle. When Paul speaks to Titus... I find that God speaks to me.

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