Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Return To An Outline - Colossians - Part 24

Here we are in chapter 4. It is time for an outline, a re-read and a review. Maybe we can also pick a memory verse or two. We have had five weeks in Colossians and it has been a journey.

After the first chapter I put down my 'Jensen's Survey of the New Testament' but I have it open again to p. 335. In my study I return to being sensitive to 'I, you, He, we and they' perspective.

We did this in chapter one and into chapter two. Today I revisit it and stretch it into the rest of chapter two and three as I re-read.

I'm not just entering the building eyes fixed on my own thoughts and finding the room that is needed. I am surveying the structure of the floors, walls and ceiling. I am imagining what the blueprints must have looked like. The big cement column in the middle is Jesus Christ and the writer has poured the cement in stages.

Jesus is the reason for the greeting... Jesus is at the heart of Paul's testimony... Jesus is the foundation of what they believe... Jesus is the correct doctrine... the reader is dead with Christ and lives with Him... choose to put off what is old and put on the new identity in Christ... He Is at the heart of marriage and family... He will sustain us and reward us in the workplace... Jesus can be central in how we influence those we have influence over... It's Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus... Pray with Him in mind... Look at those you serve with and build them up behind their backs... Let God give you the eye's of Christ for each one in your circle and beyond... Then Paul closes the book with this passage...

"I, Paul, write this greeting with my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you." - Colossians 4:18 ESV


What a grand structure.

Jensen claims this book is primarily one of correction. I see his perspective and respect his scholarship but I see an exalted Christ. I see light that dispells shadow.

We will see what tomorrow brings. I plan to go passage by passage looking at the Greek all through chapter four. We could go five more weeks in this book and it would be profitable time.

Thank You God. Distract us from ourselves today. Remind us to look up and around at how things are built in our world and our personal lives. Transform us as we go. Give us real connections to people as we walk moving into divine appointments. You are the master builder. You are the gracious host... the King... the Saviour... the designer. Thank You God.


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