Friday, August 19, 2016

Mercy Is Better Than Magic

It is interesting to me how people try to make sense of the world around them. Pagan cultures. Monotheistic ones. Post monotheistic ones. Atheistic ones. Each culture views the world differently and then there are fringe groups inside those cultures that have one of the other belief systems.

Historically science flourishes in monotheistic cultures. Discovery and innovation happen in all of them but systematic discovery needs a scientific community.

I have heard again and again that faith and science don't mix and that faith is an enemy of science but history says otherwise. Even in religious cultures that have suppressed science as heretical there have been amazing scientific minds that rose up and were published because the culture was based on a rational God who created nature in a rational way.

We live in a time where people hunt for creatures they can only see through their phones. It is it's own brand of paganism. Instead of hoping to catch a glimpse of a nymph of dryad by a waterfall in the woods people look for pokemon in the park. The magic is techno-magic.

One of the things I love about God is that He Is orderly and has made an ordered world that can be explored and understood on many different levels. Magic can't be studied but nature can be.

I am in no hurry to make God magical. I pray for healing and I have seen people healed. I have been healed in different ways. God heals and sends angels but these beings follow guidelines that He has set in motion.

People like the idea of magic because it opens possibilities but it lacks order. The God of the Bible is orderly in ways we just don't understand but would understand in we had all the facts. That is why science has developed in cultures that believed in Him.

I am going into my day believing that there is an order to the world and that my God is the King who rules over an orderly world. Parts of it are in seeming disarray but I know the creator and He knows me. Problems can be solved. Lost things can be found. Broken things can be remade.

Mercy is better than magic. Grace and love are more powerful than human invention. Thank You God. We aren't going to fall through the cracks. There are no accidents. You are in control and we have hope.


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