Monday, August 22, 2016

Destined To Disobey

Do you have a good auto mechanic? Are they honest and thorough? What about a good doctor or dentist?

"if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious. Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. Therefore it is also contained in the Scripture,
'Behold, I lay in Zion A chief cornerstone, elect, precious, And he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame.'
Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious; but to those who are disobedient,
'The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief cornerstone," and "A stone of stumbling And a rock of offense.'
They stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed." - 1 Peter 2:3-8 NKJV

To the person who understand the value of mercy and forgiveness Jesus becomes precious. Here is the last part of verse eight in a different translation.

"...They stumble because they disobey the word, as they were destined to do." - 1 Peter 2:8 ESV

Yes. Just as a person who does not have a good auto mechanic has an automotive destiny of sorts. A person who does not have a good doctor or dentist when they need one is 'appointed' to suffering.

I spoke to a friend yesterday and he said, 'I have been meditating on forgiveness and the 'medicine' is finally starting to take effect. I see the need for forgiveness everywhere around me. Sometimes I realize that my problem is that I don't have a person in my life to forgive to stir me up in the application of forgiveness.'

Wow. To that man Jesus is precious.

Jesus has a vital role in each individual life and no one can take His place. No one has what they need unless they have Him. If that sounds radical it is because it is a radical statement but it is a clear biblical teaching.

God... If we did not have Your Son we would all be stumbling in ways we could not even imagine. He is precious to us. We can recover because of Him. We can cope because of Him. You have given us a physician for our soul. Thank You God. We are so glad that You take on new clients. There are many rooms in Your house and You desire to fill them. Thank You God. Please bless our week.


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