Monday, April 24, 2017

Detective Stories

Detective stories amuse us because they make us feel smart. Clues are fed to us by writers and we get to think we 'discovered' the truth. It is a thing that rarely happens in real life for most of us. Life isn't that cut and dry.

If we spend our life looking to uncover a plot and identify a villain we will be taking a real detour and we may inadvertently sabotage our relationships with people.

The Gospel is the true story of a hero. That hero isn't us. It is Jesus. Once we come to the right conclusion about Him... a conclusion we would never arrive at ourselves it changes our life and perspective. We start looking for the Hero in each situation, not the villain.

I plan to find my Hero again today. He has already gone before me. He Is the one who saves lives and cleanses minds.

He has taken this villain's blame upon Himself.

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