Friday, July 15, 2016

The Coal And The Cross

This morning I've been thinking about exclusive place like restaurants in airports or stadiums where you need a ticket to be in the area where the place is in order to go there. They don't stop you at the door because you have been prescreened.

In Isaiah chapter 6 Isaiah sat God enthroned in the temple but the angel cried, 'Holy, Holy, Holy' and used a name for God that revealed His command of angelic armies. Isaiah was filled with dread as smoke filled the temple. Isaiah verbally declared his own introspective disqualification and an angel took a coal from the altar and put it to Isaiah's lip.

Instead of burning him it healed him of his introspection. Suddenly he was inside instead of outside. He was privy to God speaking and overheard what He was saying.

The cross was painful but like that coal it isn't painful for us. It takes us from outside to inside. Now we can eat at God's table because we have been prescreened.


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