Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alone And In The Crowd

"And when he had entered the house and left the people, his disciples asked him about the parable... And from there he arose and went away to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And he entered a house and did not want anyone to know, yet he could not be hidden. But immediately a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit heard of him and came and fell down at his feet... And taking him aside from the crowd privately, he put his fingers into his ears, and after spitting touched his tongue. And looking up to heaven, he sighed and said to him, 'Ephphatha,' that is, 'Be opened.' And his ears were opened, his tongue was released, and he spoke plainly." - Mark 7:17, 24-25, 33-35 ESV

Just thinking as I am reading Mark 7 about Jesus' public life and His private life.

"In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. And when day came, he called his disciples and chose from them twelve, whom he named apostles:" - Luke 6:12-13 ESV

Jesus went aside at times. Those times were interrupted by crisis and even not possible because of circumstances. The scriptures reveal His efforts, or intentions, to be away from the crowds.

He also had a very public life engaging the crowds and taking time for individuals.

Just thinking that it is good to be alone at times and good to be with people. I wouldn't want it to be one or the other all the time and at times I want one but I get the other and in grace I can make the adjustment. God give a provision for both and in both.


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