Friday, March 15, 2013

The Decent Order of Grace - Part 5 - Prayer and Movement

If outbursts in the Church are not encouraged we could say 'private is good' let's just keep everything private. Not so. Take for example the prayer chain.

The prayer chain is a sacred forum it may include thousands of people but it is not public. The prayer chain defies social order because it excludes the exposure that a grapevine would bring. God forbid that the prayer sheet would ever be used for anything but what it is intended.

Bringing needs before Spirit filled people is never 'pearls before swine.' It is humility in action. Many people lead extremely private lives. Some folks have no one to talk to. Others would only share their hurts with a very select few.

Prayer makes a person a confidential courier carrying a package to the throne. The prayer chain is an army of such stalwart souls carrying sealed documents. It is an honor when we are entrusted with precious burdens.

Decent order includes generous amounts of prayer. Prayers for people and ourselves. Prayers for wisdom and for our Church. Prayers for leaders. We can bath our whole life in prayer. God's house is a house of prayer.

There are things I say to God that no other person will ever hear but there are others that I want an army of intercessors to storm Heaven for. Those are personal and sacred decisions. We want to be led of the Spirit.

When people speak to God about someone it is a far different thing then when they speak to each other. Prayer provides a unique support that can come no other way. All men and women should pray and not faint. That is God's order of renewal. (see Luke 18:1)

"Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven." 1 Cor 11:4-5 ESV

Women pray and communicate with a covering and men pray and communicate as a covering. That is a good order.

Are women and men different. Yes! But, 'Vive la différence'. The differences glorify God. A man's prayer may be the equivalent of a grunt or a groan. But a woman because of her unique sensitive design prays for details that might escape most men.

A man is never more of a man then when he is covering and protecting something or someone. Oh, What a need we have for Godly men in the world.

The scripture encourages communication. The Gospel is a message to be shared and not withheld. Missions and outreach serve as the forward momentum of a Church and of a life. How many street corners need preachers? How many people need prayers?

We were talking at Dunkins last night after handing out play tickets and saying that our Church is like a trolley. It keeps on moving but it is designed so that people can just jump right on and have a seat. Once on you don't want to get off because of where it takes you.

Locks on your car door may keep people out but the fact that the car is moving keeps people in. If you have to lock the doors to keep people in there is a lack of maturity of some kind. Child safety locks are for children not adults.

Decent order is the right speed for people.

When Jesus said come follow me I imagine the group was moving at just the right speed. There was teaching, laughter and prayer in that group. People had stories about what Jesus did and there was an air of expectation about where they would go next. If you didn't come with Him it was because you didn't want to not because you couldn't.

I want to mingle in the public assembly. I will have my private life but not be so closed off that I can not share a need or get into a circle with people and pray for what is on God's heart.

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