Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Power Of Jesus' Life

At a 'face to face' service this weekend many statements were spoken that really touched me. One of them was (paraphrased)...

'By the power of His own life Christ raised the dead'

Another was...

'Jesus said, 'Lazarus come forth' and if He didn't call him by name everyone would have come out of their graves.'


There was power in this one laid down life. Jesus humbled Himself and God the Father exalted Him. He emptied Himself of the power and majesty He had before time began and became the very image of a servant and died in our place. Now God has raised Him up and He Is seated at God's right hand in the place of power.

Heroes. They do something with the life they have been given.

I can't raise the dead. Can you? But we can live covered by the life of Christ and walk in His power by faith. We can be heroes of faith.

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