Thursday, October 4, 2018

Clean And Ready To Play

As I was getting ready this morning I walking by my clarinet and got sense of joy just looking at it. It was clean and ready to play as it sat there in it's stand. I am not very good but I enjoy making music. It is a form of praise I have only experienced later in life.

I clean this instrument after I play it. That is why it is ready to be played at any moment. I don't practice unless I know I have time to clean it afterwards. It made me think of God's relationship to His 'instruments'. They are always clean. They stay clean as He makes music with them. His hands don't leave grimy prints.

I want to be clean and ready for use. He assures me that I am clean but my feet often need cleansing and that cleansing happens by making myself available for use.

Do you know that you are irreplaceable? No one can make the music that God wants to use you to make. You are precious. It brings God joy when ever He sees you.

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