Tuesday, October 23, 2018

He Knows Everyone

I am from NYC and many years ago I was visiting my family and in Manhattan with my bags ready to go back to Bible college. I had several hours before my bus so I decided to go to Times Square, get something to eat and pray for people as they walked by. I did this for about an hour but then I started to get overwhelmed. There were so many people. Hundreds. Thousands. I would look at one and try to take in something about them and pray but I had to stop. It was too much. It was far beyond my capacity. The waves just kept coming. I realized that growing up in a crowded place didn't prepare me for crowds like that. I had learned to tune them out not take them in to my heart.

I sat on that bus traveling back to college praising a God who knows every face and every story. I felt privileged to know Him and commune with Him. I feel that way again now as I sit here. No one is truly lost in the crowd. He sees them. We couldn't possibly see or remember everyone but He does.

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