Monday, May 16, 2016

A Judas In Every Graduating Class

Before I became a believer I never prayed. I can count the times I remember praying on one hand with fingers left over. Then when I became a believer I had little capacity to do it but like a person who doesn't know the native language of the land they are living in I tried to learn. Bible College was a time rich in prayer. I was the prayer chaplain one semester and much of my time was spent in prayer. Hours at a time. I had prayer homework assignments. I prayed for leaders on the mission field. Some of them I met later in life. Some no longer talk to me but I still pray for them today. I found that I never pray for someone just once. God seems to bring people back to remembrance no matter how long it has been or how things have gone in my relationship with them. If they are alive God has me praying for them. If they go on before me to Heaven I stop because there is nothing else to say.

My prayer life has changed. I have been changed by prayer. Prayer and love are intertwined in my heart. I see the relationship more clearly now.

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots." - Luke 23:34 KJV

Wow. Jesus loved these people. He wasn't praying by principle alone. His principles mingled with his passion. He loved... really loved.

Maybe some of the people you are close to now won't like you later. Actually I shouldn't say 'maybe'... it is a certainty that this will happen. But if we dig ditches by prayer then God will fill those ditches with water and we will still love people even when they don't like us and cast lots for our garments.

Are you built up yet? {smile}

Love is power. God's love is anyway.

Bible college taught me how to study the Bible but I also learned how to pray there. If you want to make Godly friends and learn to love your enemies (some of which were once your 'Godly' friends) I recommend Bible college... there are other ways to learn of course... sickness... trials... extreme pressure... most of the others that I can think of are kind of unpleasant. {smile}

There are some happy ways. Having a baby is one. Some men and women learn to fall on their knees that way. I hear around 15 years in is when the graduate school course starts.

Well... Pray about it... Bible school that is...

God's language is certainly worth learning. That I know for sure.


Any Bible school worth it's salt is bound to produce a Judas in every graduating class. {smile}

Legalism will try to weed him out and choose the wrong candidate.


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