Thursday, January 22, 2015

The God Of No Shortcuts (A Late Night Prayer)

I am very thankful God doesn't take shortcuts.

Thinking about teachers all over the world that took their work home tonight and refuse to take shortcuts. The surgeons who take the time to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' to make sure everything that can be done is done. The parents who pray, love and lead with all their might.

Thank God for flawed people that have heart and integrity but even more I thank a unflawed God for His unwillingness to compromise.

He went the extra mile that no flawed man could go. The cross is the absolute limit of unlimited love. Innocent but falling backwards into our darkness. That was no shortcut. He is free to love us without condition because He refuses to compromise. He took all the necessary steps without omitting one.

People inspire me. People I know inspire me but God Is the light I see by. Without grace the log in my eye of perception would turn my attention inward and my criticism outward. I would only see a body and not a soul.

There is so much that is hidden from me but what I see of God when I get glimpses is a perfection that I see nowhere else.

God bless the second and third shift tonight... teachers, mothers, nurses, 24 hr phone line operators, police officers driving down dangerous night time streets. Please cover and protect the unknown and seldom thanked heroes that do all they can day after day and night after night. Reveal to us your Son who did all He could and all He could was enough for our situations. Reveal Him in lives that exist today without a knowledge of His all sufficient sacrifice..

Let the almost empty factory be filled with your glory as one man gives his life to You because of the gospel message he heard over the radio as he works. Save souls tonight. Redeem families. Transform lives. Tell us a thousand stories later of what You did on just this one night.

I go to change a light bulb tired from my workday and I'm tempted to take some kind of shortcut but who Is this perfect God that notices me when I'm standing on that wobbly stool? I've only scratched the surface of knowing Him and He has promised that for the next million years He will only be getting started in His care for me.

Good night friends. Sweet dreams. {smile}


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