Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hapax Legomena in Colossians - Colossians - Part 35

We are not done with Colossians. Far from it. This is a rich book and we are just going to change gears. There are many unique concepts given and words used in this books. I plan to explore the uniqueness of the book.

If you want to do a neat study look up the term 'Hapax Legomena' in relationship to a book of the Bible. It is a term associated with unique usage. Here is a list of verses and Greek words (translated into English) that are only used in this book and nowhere else in the Bible. They are the 'Hapax Legomena' of Colossians. I excluded names of places.

1:5 hear before
1:10 pleasing
1:16 visible
1:18 pre-eminent
1:20 make peace
1:23 shift
1:24 complete
2:4 beguiling speech
2:5 firmness
2:8 make a prey of
2:8 philosophy
2:9 deity
2:9 bodily
2:11 put off
2:14 bond
2:14 nail
2:16 new moon
2:18 disqualify
2:18 take a stand on
2:20 submit to regulations
2:22 use
2:23 rigor of devotion
2:23 severity
2:23 indulgence
3:8 foul talk
3:13 complaint
3:15 rule
3:15 thankful
3:21 discourage
3:24 reward
4:10 cousin
4:11 comfort

A word never used anywhere else is not easy to understand. We need context to gain understanding. Many of these words have great theological significance because they introduce new concepts or perspectives.

I hope that list is a blessing to you. Over the next few days I plan to reread each of the verses associated with these words in mind and ask God to reveal the unique concepts presented.

"Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him." - Proverbs 30:5 KJV

Yes, Thank You God.


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