Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One Sentence Battles

These days I often read booklets in the morning. Sometimes I read a whole booklet and other times I read part of it and a passage quoted from the scriptures grabs my attention so I put the booklet down and look at the passage and my study goes in another direction so the booklet remains open on my desk and I pick it up again the next morning. When I return to the booklet I reread a few pages so that I can continue in context. It can take quite awhile to get through a booklet because of this. Then when I'm finished I put the booklets in a box and take another booklet from another box. When all the booklets in my box have been read I just start over.

I have been reading a booklet called "The Battle Is the Lord's" which was a message from the book of Joshua that was transcribed and edited a bit. One morning I couldn't find the booklet so instead of looking and getting distracted from study by the search I just grabbed another booklet from my 'to-read' box and went from there. Yesterday I found the Joshua booklet again and now I have two booklets to read... one is about the Gospel and the other is about warfare... different authors.

This morning I picked up the Joshua booklet again and what struck me was the 'one sentence battles'. Joshua moves from place to place and Israel takes city after city seemingly in one sentence. Each battle in not described but you can imagine what they were like. War is terrible business. Each warrior had a different perspective. Each day had new challenges, victories and losses.

I am sensitive to war. More and more each year it seems. War has casualties. War is a struggle. Perhaps it is the most primal struggle because so much depends on each skirmish.

Our days are much like 'one sentence battles' aren't they?

I take a new booklet from the box and I only have this moment. I am not promised tomorrow. That is God's business not mine.

We just continue to take the land. We just continue to redeem the time. We do it until we have no more time. Life is like that.


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