Monday, December 30, 2013

Wonderful Hosts

I am very wary of 'us' and 'them' distinctions. The Gospel of Grace is an invitation that excludes no one.

When I start thinking 'they' or 'them' I stop and define the group and why I am grouping them. Is the 'them' defined or am I makings a blanket blame statement to put on a faceless group of 'others'? 'I' could easily have been 'them' if circumstances were different.

Does God group people like that? Are they faceless or are they individuals He sees everyday as they wake up and go to bed?

Are we better than 'they' are? Perhaps we are just looking for someone to blame?

God knew we needed a place to put our blame. He needed one also. That place is the cross. Jesus became 'them' so everyone would have an opportunity to be included.

A missionary can't afford to have a 'them' mentality. I want to repent of every thought like that and cast those ideas down as insults against grace when they arise in my mind.

Grace hosted us when we were strangers and made us feel at home. Grace made us Holy as He Is Holy. Jesus invited us into His holiness freely. Grace and mercy has and can make us wonderful hosts to anyone and everyone.


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