Sunday, November 10, 2013

Washed In Newness

Getting into my Bible (or devotional that points me toward my Bible) soon after waking up is like a spiritual shower for me. I am not at full strength yet so it seems there is more of a spiritual suggestibility. In my still not fully awake state I am aware of my need for quickening.

My thought are like pear tree with pears on the ground and some in the branches. There was a tree like that at our recent retreat. The pears were just falling off that tree. The ones that came right off the tree were good to eat. The ones already on the ground were left there to go through the death, burial and resurrection cycle.

We took the old ones from the ground and threw them at the tree to shake the branch a little and get some fresh ones to fall.

My thinking must be washed. Old thoughts are left on the ground to go through the cross. Let the water wash them and me away. Then a new fruit that is eaten must be freshly picked from the tree.

Morning is a good time for that to happen. I haven't eaten from the old yet. I'm not so strong in my resistance yet. I can be washed in newness.

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