Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poem - 'Where is the preacher I saw?'

Where is the father I saw? The one who loved his wife and children.
Why have the public prayers gone silent?
Were the bills too much?
Was it all too uncertain? Walking by faith that is.
Was one good woman not enough for you?
Where is the teacher I saw?
Was it too hard?
Was life too full of tasty morsels?
Why are there no badly recorded audio files or YouTube videos?
Why are there no newspaper clippings of you in handcuffs?
Where is the Bible man I saw?
Was one book not enough?
Was the cross too heavy? Someone else bore it's weight you know.
Where are the badly drawn sketch-board pictures?
You were giving something away but now you sell yourself.
Has grace become something just for you and not for them? The people you see everyday.
Where is the man who served?
Where is the man who knelt by his bed and prayed sometimes weeping?
The soul winning man with the trembling knees.
When did that man learn to get along and go with the flow?
When did it all become secular and social?
Maybe you live a quiet secret life of faith but I can't see you.
Where are you? I need you.
The orphan cries at night and sobs so none can hear. He needs you to hear him.
Where are you? I can't find you. I knew you long ago but now you are gone.
You look the same but the face I saw is veiled.
The voice I heard behind your words has gone silent.
You are in there preacher I know you are.
Come out and die like a man.
Come out and live like God's man.
No one who matters will condemn you.
It was not a boyhood fantasy.
Hit your knees again.
Crack The Book again.
It is a dark world but there is no safety in the shadows.
One day you will stand before the King.
He will call you 'preacher', 'teacher, 'father' and 'friend'
Wake up. The dream is over.
(This just poured out of me this morning as I typed in tears.)

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